Traditional Bowhunter Kills State Record Black Bear

Hunting with traditional archery equipment is very difficult. The amount of time you must invest in being proficient enough to kill an animal is immense.

It takes many hours of practice; amounting to hundreds if not thousands of shots, and when all that work culminates into a kill it can be absolutely unbelievable. Now take all that excitement and put it with killing a bear of a lifetime I am sure one’s emotions would be through the roof.

Arkansas bear hunter, Franklin Brewer accomplished an amazing feat when he harvested what is possibly the new Arkansas State Archery Record with his longbow.

Buck Masters Northwest Arkansas posted the story on Facebook.

Buckmasters NWA volunteer, Franklin Brewer, didn’t exactly know what was in store for him when he woke up early Saturday morning to bear hunt opening day of archery season, but man is he excited now! Franklin left the tree stand that morning with a potential Arkansas State Record black bear taken with a longbow and cedar arrows, shooting full traditional instinctive! Brewer’s black bear tipped the scale at 577.8lbs and will most likely enter him in the State record books for archery and more than likely list him #1 in the State with a longbow! Help us congratulate Franklin Brewer on a job well done. Green Score 20 3/4″.

Buckmasters NWA volunteer, Franklin Brewer, didn't exactly know what was in store for him when he woke up early Saturday…

Posted by Buckmasters – Northwest Arkansas Chapter on Monday, September 28, 2020

In the past, we have received some pushback from nonhunter about these types of posts being about trophy hunting. I just want to give everyone a few things to think about before you make a comment.

  1. Just because an animal is big and considered a trophy does not mean the meat is not edible.
  2. Removing an animal this size from the population does not deplete the gene pool. A bear this size has probably been passing on his genes for at least a decade.
  3. Black bears populations continue to grow all across the country and there is absolutely no danger of hunting negatively effecting bear numbers.

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