Trappers Catch Longest Python Ever Recorded in Flordia {VIDEO}

Pythons have taken over the everglades ecosystem to the extent that the state now pays licensed trappers to hunt them and remove them. It was during one of these hunters that two trappers came upon and captured the longest python ever recorded in the state of Flordia.

According to CBS Miami, Ryan Ausburn and Kevin “Snakeaholic” Pavlidis both contracted python hunters with the South Florida Water Management District, captured a monster python. The beast was officially measured at 18.9ft long and weighed 104 pounds.

On social media, Pavlidis wrote, “On Friday night, we pulled this BEAST of a snake out of waist-deep water in the middle of the night, deep in the Everglades. I have never seen a snake anywhere near this size and my hands were shaking as I approached her. Every python we catch can be potentially dangerous, but one this size? Lethal. One mistake, and I am for sure going to the hospital. But more importantly, this is a once in a lifetime snake. I could go out every single night for the rest of my life and never see one this big again.”

Snake hunters get paid $50 per snake over four feet and $25 per foot for every additional foot, so this snake made them a little bit of change, $400 to be exact.

Awesome job guys keep up the good work fighting to help the everglades.