Trappers Remove Massive Hog From Golf Course

Wild hogs do not typically grow over 200 pounds, but ever now and then there are exceptions. The Lone Star Trapping Team caught this behemoth of a pig on a golf course in Texas that weighed in at 411 pounds.

According to WLTX CBS 19 News, Wyatt Walton and the trapping team have been removing hogs around Baxter County, Texas since 2016. This is one of the largest they have ever caught.

“We have captured over 1,200 feral hogs…in the last three years, not including another 2,000 from surrounding Home Owner Associations such as Stillwater Ranch,” Walton said.

Wild pigs have spread across the United States and are wreaking havoc on the environment. States are doing what they can to deal with the problems they cause but a lot more needs to be done to turn the tide.