Trophy Buck State May Allow Land Owners to Sell Buck Tag

Would you pay for a Kansas Buck Tag?

When you mention big buck states Kansas is definitely one that comes to mind. In an attempt to stimulate the local economy the state is thinking of trying a new approach. They are purposing that any landowner that owns more than 80 acres would be able to sell their buck tag to the highest bidder.

According to KSNT, A new bill in the legislature would give those people outside of the state more opportunity to hunt deer in Kansas. It would allow people that own at least 80 acres to sell the deer permit they acquire to an out-of-state hunter

Mickey Holloway who runs Heartland Outdoor Trophy Hunts supports the idea.

“They want to come and hunt out of state, more power to them, and I think it benefits the landowners, especially the farmers cause there is a tremendous amount of predation on their crops,” said Holloway.

“People that pay money to hunt, they would like to get a shot at a trophy, and Kansas is one of the best ways to do it.”

Not every on is in agreement.

“If you start allowing more people to come in and just hunt those, we’re going to lose genetics, we’re going to lose that revenue that we’re gaining in this state through out-of-state hunters,” said state Representative Eric Smith

This is defiantly a controversial bill. It only passed the State House of Representatives by three vote and now goes to the senate.

I can see where outfitters and landowners would support this and why a lot of sportsmen would be against. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.