Trophy Mule Deer Buck Poached With BB Gun

Hunters will spend their entire lives in pursuit of a world-class buck. When a poacher comes along and kills one illegally, it makes many of us angry.

That’s what happened for the second time in POCATELLO, Idaho. On the afternoon of Aug. 30, Idaho Fish and Game received a call about a dead deer located in a residential yard. Fish and Game personnel thought they were responding to the aftermath of a deer/vehicle collision. However, after further investigation, Fish and Game officers determined the buck was killed with a pellet gun.

“This is the second time in two years that we have investigated an illegal killing of a mule deer with a pellet gun in Pocatello,” Senior Conservation Officer Tyler Peterson said. “Not only is it tough to see a deer killed in such a way, but it’s also scary to think that a pellet capable of killing a large buck was discharged in a residential area not too far from busy streets and a school.”

Idaho fish and game is looking into the case but has not had any leads.