Trophy Tracks: The Free Hunt Journaling App a Must for Deer season

Looking back at the past couple of decades of my hunting career, I have gone on hundreds of hunts. I have seen a lot of game and have made many memories.

The problem is that most of the hunts I have gone on have slipped my mind. For most, I just remember the highlights and only have snippets of memories of the rest of my hunts. The small details of the hunts get lost if they are not recorded.

I do not recall wind direction or even the general weather of most of my hunts. I may recall the weather on a day I killed a big buck, but what about the hunt where I just saw a couple of does or nothing at all. It is just too much information for the human brain to remember.

I know all this information is important and if I could just find a way to organize and access it. It would make me a better hunter. Knowledge is power and I recognized that a lot of power was spilling out of my brain and lost forever.

For a while, I tried writing that sort of stuff down in a journal, but I was really bad at keeping up with it. I would forget to fill it out and even when I did it always seemed to lack a lot of pertinent information that now I wish I had. I knew there had to be a better way to keep track of all my hunts.

Now I use Trophy Tracks and it has solved my journaling problems. I am able to connect to the app in the tree stand and update my journal in real-time. It records the weather and I can post all of my observations on a map and make notes about what happened.

The app saves all my hunts and lets me access them at any time. If I want to know what the weather was like last week or last month I can easily look it up and gain insight on where to hunt.

I have been only using this app for a season, but I can already see the benefits of using this app year after year. With each season and each hunt, my knowledge base will continue to grow. I will be able to recognize trends. It will allow me to see what stands are most productive during certain weather or certain days of the year.

I am definitely excited about this tool. It is super easy to use and the information it provides will be invaluable in the future. I highly recommend checking it out.

It is available for both Apple and Android and the best part is free for the base model, so you are not out anything if you do not like it. Download it on Android and IOS to try it out during your next hunt.


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If you are like me you will be hooked.