The True Story of the Rare Black Bobcat


The pictures of this black bobcat have been circulating around social media since it was caught on Christmas Day. Reports are saying that it was caught in Pennsylvania or Virginia but those reports are untrue. It was trapped in New Brunswick, Canada by Oswald McFadden.

So for everyone that wants the truth here it is from a very reliable news source

HERE is a link to the press release by CBC News


Here are some of the excepts from the article plus a video of an interview with McFadden.

As Oswald approached his set he at first thought he caught a large house cat, but after seeing the tail and ears he knew he had something special.

“When I saw the tail I knew it wasn’t a house cat. Then I looked at the ears, I knew it was definitely a bobcat.”

Melanism is a genetic trait that displays a black-colored pigment and can often be found in species like squirrels and jaguars. The bobcat’s spots and markings can still be seen in bright lights.

It is only the second ever melanated bobcat ever caught in Canada. The fist was trapped in 1983 and is on display in a museum in New Brunswick.

The cat was already dead when McFadden checked his trap, but when asked if he would have fired if he had found it in his rifle sight, he said it’s possible.

“I don’t know, I can’t answer that,” said McFadden. “An albino deer, I saw one last year and I

didn’t shoot it, so?”

McFadden may donate the animal to a museum, sell it, or mount it for himself.