The True Story Behind The Deer Dumping Ground


A video has surfaced on social media over the New Year’s holiday that showed dozens of dead deer, some were decapitated and some still had tags attached to the carcasses. Leaving many to wonder what was going on?

Well we finally know who is to blame, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. It took them a little while to fess up to the mess. The pheasant hunter who originally took the video contacted the DNR but they never got back to him. It was not until he contacted a local news station that they decided to come forward.

They have been using the area to dispose of deer carcasses that were not able to be used for human consumption. They obtained the carcasses either from poachers or from a deer kill they did in a CWD area. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Communications Director Chris Niskanen says, “At one point this area was remote. It was a spot where we would routinely dispose of carcasses for a number of years…. We typically place them in a remote area in order to let nature take its course.”

“There were some deer heads that were there that were part of our CWD protocol. In this case the protocol for disposing of those heads in the landfill was not followed in a couple cases here and some of the heads were left at this disposal site. We’re not going to let that happen anymore. We are revisiting all of our protocols for disposing of those heads. Those heads shouldn’t have been there.”

Niskanen says the disposal site should be cleaned up as early as Wednesdays or Thursday, and all of the carcasses will be disposed at the landfill.

I am glad that the area will be cleaned up and hopefully they will not be so careless. I am also glad they will be reviewing their procedures so this sort of thing does not happen again.

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