Trump calls on Congress to pass conservation bill that will affect every American

Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that he wants Congress to pass a bill that fully funds the LWCF (Land and Water Conservation Fund). Some have criticized Trump for trying to cut funding from this fund in the past.

When the oil is extracted from public land, the public receives a royalty payment. The LWCF takes part of that royalty payment and puts it back into conservation projects. Some of the money goes to easements for access to public land, parks, and ball fields. The LWCF has funded projects in every county in the United States.

Trump has called for cuts to the LWCF in his budgets but also asked Congress to pass a bill that will fully fund it. This bill is supported by both parties and most Americans.

Public land is owned by the public (me and you) not the government. When a profit is made from drilling oil on our land part of that money should go to maintaining our public land.

Although the mainstream news media is trying to make this controversial, Democrats, Republicans, and the President all agree we should fund the LWCF.