Turkey Attacks Decoy and Gets Caught in the Fan {VIDEO}

I have seen so funny stuff while hunting, but this might be one of the funniest. A big gobbler comes into a set and attacks the decoy. In the process, he gets his head stuck in the artificial fan of the decoy and walks around with for a solid minute, not knowing what to do.

You can tell the hunters have never seen anything like this you can hear laughing about it as they watch him stumble around. The turkey eventually gets the fan off his head and the hunters waste no time sealing the deal.

The video was posted by hunter Tim Herold to YouTube with the description:

The most exciting turkey hunting footage ever. Big Tennessee gobbler attacks decoy and gets his head stuck in the decoy. This is a must-watch video. You will not believe it! Please subscribe…”

When you go hunting you never know what you might see. It is part of the adventure and allure of hunting. In my book Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter, I talk about why adventure is important to hunting and how it plays a key role in why we go afield.