Turkey Hunter Shot in the Face – Man Who Shot Him Did Not Assist or Even Say Sorry

A West Virginia man was hunting turkey across the border in Virginia when he was shot by another man who presumably thought he was a turkey. The hunter had several BB’s lodged in his face and groin and was covered in blood. The man who shot did not assist the injured hunter and did not in any way show remorse for shooting him.

Jarred Ballard posted the story in the Virginia Turkey Hunters group on Facebook:

I’m a WV resident and hunt Va along with WV. Saturday I went hunting with a good friend of mine in Giles county. I had been hunting this area for around two years or so and never seen a person hunting the area. The morning was slow, to say the least, so we sat down for a bit around 930 or 10.

While we sat down along an old road we heard a Tom strike-off straight up above us on a hill. So we backed up went to ridges over to cut him off. We did this and the bird never gobbled again. We decided to stay on the ridge top and work our way back to the truck by this time it had been well over an hr since we heard the Tom and it had been 35 min or so since we had done any calling.

While we were walking the bench back to the truck a shot rang out and I blacked out for a few seconds. When I came to I seen blood and lots of it running from my head. I turned to my buddy who was on the ground to and told him that I had been shot. He started yelling and waving his hands telling the guy to stop shooting.

I then picked my self up best I could and was trying to determine how bad it was all while I’m trying to get to my buddy who is talking to the gentleman who shot me. The gentleman stated that he had heard a hen over in that general area 10 or 15 min before that and that we were “sneaking around”. The gentleman never said I’m sry never offered to help me get back to the truck wasn’t sry in the slightest.

Long story short my buddy got all his info and we took off to the truck which was still about 1.5 to 2 miles away. We get to the truck and start driving and we meet the ambulance at some point and they took me to the hospital where a life flight was waiting for me.

In all I had 3 pellets enter my head one of which went through my sinus cavity into the tissue right before my spine. And a few hit my groin and some hit my turkey vest which thankfully didn’t penetrate my skin. If the guy woulda been using a suitable turkey load or even if I had been 28 yards instead of 29 I honestly don’t think I would be here typing this.

The moral of my story is please always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it I can’t stress that enough. Do not shoot at movement. Always be 110 percent of what you are shooting at. And when your spring gobbler hunting always always always look for a beard. I know this is a lengthy post but if I can save one person from the misery I have endured the last couple of days it will be worth it. I’m blessed beyond measure and God was truly looking out for me Saturday. Things could have been so much worse but they weren’t. Thank God!

We are glad Jarred is going to recover from this and glad things were not as bad as they could have been. We pray for a speedy recovery and hopefully you can get back after some turkey.

As for the man who shot Jarred, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yes, you made a mistake, but you need to man up and take responsibility for your actions. You almost killed a man and refused to offer any help or even an apology.

As with all hunting related shootings the game wardens are sure to investigate and we will keep you posted as we learn more about this case.