TV Huntress BUSTED for Poaching! Legit or BS?

tv huntress Jody L Davies

Pressure from outdoor Television seems to by to much for people to handle.

Last year I seemed to write a new poaching article every week about outdoor TV. Now that the 2017 season is under way a tv huntress was busted and we have our first poaching violations to write about. Jody L Davies and Sara Ross have been cited with multiple violations on hunting deer over bait. I spent over an hour researching and writing about this case when I found Jody’s personal Facebook page. I deleted all my work and saw this from an entirely different perspective.

Last year we had cases, such as Bill Busbice, that showed the most blatant and offensive poaching in memory. We also had violations from Lee Lakowsky and Pig Man that seemed to be honest mistakes. When I got both sides of this story I realized that the original report from Fox59 was not fair to Davies, so I did some digging.

Davies has been featured on social media and in prominent magazines for her two amazing bucks in 2015 and 2016. She films for outdoor television, and many people are aware of her hunting accolades. In original reports we hear this was a three year investigation ending this year. This would lead a casual observer to believe she probably poached her two monster bucks. According to her, this could not be further from the truth. Davies was actually only filming a hunt on a different farm than her bucks were taken.

While Davies was filming Sara Ross they were hunting 50 yards away from a mineral lick. This mineral lick was gone 16 days before the season started. Indiana law states that all affected soil must removed 10 days prier to season. Since the minerals leached into the ground Davies and Ross were technically committing a violation.

Is this a reason to ruin a tv huntress’ reputation in the outdoor industry? Many hunters will sit up on their social media high horse and scream at her. If we all took an honest look at the things we have done and put the worst on social media how would we compare? I personally will give the tv huntress a pass on this one. here is her statement

“Those of you who really know me know that I hunt by the rules and don’t cut corners. I commend Officer Lutz for doing his job. The article that was posted unfairly paints a pretty ugly picture of the situation. I would like to shed some more light on the subject.

I used mineral blocks in front of my trail cameras before season for summer inventory pictures. Which is a legal and ethical way to inventory deer before season. I removed the mineral blocks and cleaned the areas 16 days before season. I did not know that I was responsible for digging the dirt up around the area for minerals that leached into the ground.

I was filming Sarah for fun, not a TV show, from a tree stand that was about 50 yards from the area where the mineral block used to be. I did not think we were doing anything illegal since I had cleaned the mineral block up. Goliath and Infinity were taken on a different farm in areas that have never had mineral blocks because it is a working cattle farm and cows are frequently in those areas.

This was an unfortunate misunderstanding and we are deeply upset over the whole situation. We appreciate the outpouring of support and hopefully everyone can learn something from this.”