Two bear attacks within 1-mile on the same day! One used bear spray the other a gun!

On September 16, two bear attacks took place in Montana. Both attacks occurred within one mile of each other. The First attack was staved off by bear spray while the second victim used a gun.


The first attack happened about 7:30 a.m. when two archery hunters from New Mexico were following elk tracks south of Cottonwood Creek, west of Black Butte. The two men said they were walking single file up a hill when they heard a noise. They both turned to see a bear charging toward them. The bear struck one of the men as the other was reaching for his bear spray. The man fell to his hands and knees, then the bear grabbed onto his backpack.

The other man deployed bear spray at the bear. When the spray reached the bear’s face, the bear let go of the first hunter and attacked the other hunter. The man continued spraying the bear’s face, and the bear eventually let go and left.

New Mexico Hunter Mauled in Bear Attack Montana 16 Sept photo released by hunter 600

The second attack happened 11 hours later within 1 mile of the first attack. In the second attack, Chris Gregersen used a 9 mm to stop the attack on his hunting partner Donavon Campbell.

“I heard the bear catch Donivan before I actually saw it,” he describes, “and it’s a scream I hope that I never have to hear ever again in my entire life.”

Donivan was on the ground when Gregersen reached him carrying a gun, pulling the trigger just in time.

“I could feel his mouth right behind my head,” Donivan said.

If Gregersen did not shoot, Donivan says he would have been killed.

“I would not be sitting here. I’m 100 percent convicted of that,” he said.

Gregersen says he saw the bear crawl across his friend as it tried to bite him. Donivan was pushing the bear’s face away when Gregersen approached and shot the bear, temporarily scaring it away.

The hunters say the bear kept coming back to attack.

“It charged again just as quickly as it did the first time,” Gregersen explains, “We have never seen an animal that was that furious, that was that terrifying.”

After shooting the bear multiple times, the friends were able to escape.

Chris Gregersen and Donivan Campbell After 2019 Bear Attack Image provided by Chris Gregersen