Two College Girl Standup to Anti-gun Mob at University

Colleges used to be a place where opposing ideas could be discussed, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Now it seems that the only idea allowed on America’s college campuses are those that are left of center.

Gun Rights Activist Kaitlin Bennett went to Ohio University Campas to film a simple Presidential Trivia video, but she was met with the hostility of an angry mob. A video posted to Twitter shows her being cursed and even a clear liquid being thrown at her.

What was lost in all the commotion was a couple of girls who stood up against the mob and dared to show support for our 2nd amendment rights.

One of the girls, Gabee Fisher posted a video on her Facebook page about her encounter.

Normally I am not one for political post or even anything pertaining to politics.. but in this case I feel the need to speak up a little .. on Monday Kaitlin Bennet come to Ohio university .. I have watched all of her videos as we share a lot of the same views .. I went to support her and talk to her like any fan would .. I have heard the term “liberal school” but I never quite understood what that meant until now.. while I was there supporting her I was chanted “f you” at.. I was told I should be jumped, and I was asking to be jumped by supporting her along with being called other names (if I posted them on here my mom would kill me) the behavior that is exhibited in this video was absolutely appalling to me .. just because somebody you don’t share the same political views with they should be jumped? Or you attack them in a mob? It took everything in me to not tell those liberals yelling at me that they are so out of line it was embarrassing.. I couldn’t imagine acting like this if somebody I didn’t care for came to campus.. Kaitlin has talked about coming back and I will be there to support her just like we were the first time.. I’m very proud for what I stood for and how I executed myself and my behavior .. I’m very proud to be raised the way I was! (Also please excuse the language! I can’t edit it out!)

Gabee Fisher

Posted by Gabee Fisher on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

It takes a lot of guts to make a stand against a hostile mob. You both are brave and should be commended.

A Go Fund Me scholarship has been started so pro-gun people can show their support.

The Conservative Women of Ohio University 

On February 17, Kaitlin Bennett came to Ohio University to film a President’s Day Quiz.  The leftist students became angry and a mob surrounded her and her team. They assaulted her team, screaming and throwing drinks at them.

 Two brave female students came up to Kaitlin and welcomed her and apologized for her fellow students outrageous behavior.  They risked their own safety by helping Katlin out.  

Let’s reward these brave students with a conservative scholarship.  Please help me identify these students so I may present them with this scholarship. 

Go Fund Me page set up by Dutch Reagan