Two Deer Hit With One Arrow [VIDEO]

Should we criticize hunters when we don’t like what they do or keep quiet because we are all on the same team?

Hunters are a group of people like siblings. We love to fight over little things but all stick together when the anti hunters come to attack. Many times I see arguments about gun vs bow or crossbow vs compound. Many times western hunters will argue that tree stand hunting isn’t hunting and tree stand hunters will say that shooting deer from 400 yards out west isn’t hunting. No matter what the argument we always have someone saying not to argue because we are all on the same team.

In this video it shows a guy hitting two deer with what seems to be a good shot on both. If the deer in front would have turned when it was shot the arrow could have ended up in the second deers butt. It was a cool trick shot that could have injured a deer. Breaking laws and not respecting the game is where i draw the line. Bicker all you want about equipment or tactics, but when we lose respect for our laws and our game you lose respect from me.