Two Rednecks Bring Dead Deer to Walmart

If you have ever been to Walmart late at night you know that anything is possible and expect to see the unexpected. The store in Short Pump, Virginia had one of those incidents last week when two men put a dead deer into a shopping cart and rolled it into the store.

Apparently the deer was hit by a car in front of the Walgreens down the street and they were waiting for a friend with a truck to come pick them up. But it was a cold night and they wanted to wait some place warm. It did not take long for customers to complain. Prompting the manager to tell them they had to leave. He then issued a statement saying:

We can assure customers that the deer carcass never got into the store. It remained in the vestibule, far from any produce or sensitive areas, and the gentlemen were promptly asked to leave immediately. – Charles Crowson, Walmart Spokesperson

Once again you never know what you will see in Walmart.

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