Undead Deer Wakes Up and Jumps Out of Poacher’s Pickup Truck

deer in the back
The scene from Tommy Boy where the deer in the back of the car wakes up

If you decide to put a deer into the back of your vehicle it is probably a good idea to make sure it is dead. A couple of poachers found this out the hard way and got them caught by the game warden. They were cited for shooting a deer from a vehicle, but that is just the beginning of their story.

Apparently, they tried to do a quick shoot and grab of a four-point buck that ran out in front of them. The driver shot the deer from his window then the pair loaded him up. The only problem was that the deer was not dead. The wounded deer then came to his senses and jumped out of the bed. They got caught when they stopped to look for the deer.

Here is the story that appeared on the police blotter on Syracuse.com.