Under Armour is Discontinuing a Major Hunting Line

It has come to our attention that Under Armour is discontinuing their line of waterfowl hunting gear. Tony Vandemore announced via Facebook that his affiliation with UA Hunt was being terminated because the decision. Here is Tony’s statement.

Hey All – Just wanted to share a quick note that I am no longer with UA Hunt. I was recently informed that they decided to terminate their waterfowl line, and we’ve subsequently parted ways. I want to thank everyone for your awesome feedback on the waterfowl products I helped develop with the brand, and apologize for this unforeseen conclusion. I never would have knowingly created excitement around products that weren’t going to become available to you. Since I continue to receive countless inquiries about the release of UA prototypes, I felt this update was due. Thank you for your endless support of our great waterfowling industry. Here’s to a wonderful and safe 2018 for everyone in the field!


I have mixed feelings about UA Hunt. They took a lot of heat from hunters a while back when they dropped Sarah Bowmar because her husband killed a bear with a spear.  I am sure hunters all over are asking the same questions. Why? What will be next? Is this the beginning of the end for all of UA hunting lines?

If we discover any more information we will pass it on.