Vegans Favorite Argument DEBUNKED by Doctor [VIDEO]

Vegans regularly try to cram their cult like beliefs down our throat.

In a follow up film to Cowspiracy, the creators of What The Health made a new movie in 2017 that has the vegans jumping for joy. When a casual observer watches this movie it appears to make a lot of sense. Just as I suspected, It did not take long for doctors to debunk this scientifically inaccurate movie.

When looking for confirmation bias its easy to appear semi intelligent.  Now that this movie has hit the main stream many doctors are taking a look at it. Turns out that this movie takes half truths and twists them into vegan propaganda. This video will go through the movie and point out the inaccuracies in What The Health.

It is very important for hunters to have the facts about meat when vegans consistently cram their ideology up our sphincter. Considering militant vegans can be more annoying than a Jehovah witness during a football game, we need to be armed with this video. Share this with a vegan, so they will know not to bother you with their lies about meat.