Viral Poaching Video is Not Hunting

The state of Alaska at the request of the Humane Society of the United States released the footage of a poaching incident that took place last year. It shows a father and son kill a sow black bear and her cubs while they were in their den.

Absolutely, everything the pair did was illegal and is being condemned by not only animal rights activists, but also by hunters. Their actions are horrid to everyone and there is no place for these kinds of blatant disreguard for game laws.

The HSUS is using the footage to smear legal and ethical hunters by claiming hunters and poachers are cut from the same cloth. Poacher and hunters are not the same and have nothing in common.

Hunters love and respect wildlife and desire to see it flourish. Hunters understand that game laws are put in place to protect the resource and ensure it will be around for many generations.

Poachers on the other hand do not care about the future of wildlife or conservation. They are selfish and take from this world with no thought to tomorrow.

The difference can be seen in how hunters react to poaching incidents. Nobody is tougher on poachers than hunters. It is not uncommon for hunters to call for super strict sentences for relatively minor infractions and for infractions such as this the sky is the limit.

Every single hunter I have spoken to is out raged by this incident and thinks the sentence is way to light. Most want way more jail time, higher fines, and a life time hunting ban.

Hunters take wildlife laws and poaching very seriously. Most of us know the history of conservation. Hunters are the reason we have the animals we have today. We helped bring back many species from the brink of extinction and established the North American Hunting Model to ensure they will be here forever.

Hunting is Conservation

Poachers have violated the model and have taken a shit on our history of conservation. They are not tolerated in the hunting community. Hunters and poachers are not the same and it is extremely insulting and wrong to lump us together.

Hunters stand against poaching and are more committed to wildlife than any animal rights group. Hunting is conservation.

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