Virginia Gun Ban Dies in Senate Committee

Virginia’s anti-gun governor Ralph Northam had a huge set back when his premier gun ban bill died in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Four Democrats joined all of the Republican members in rejecting HB961, which had narrowly advanced out of the House of Delegates.

According to Bearing Arms, the bill was the first one on the docket for Judiciary Committee, and GOP members grilled bill sponsor Del. Mark Levine over his definition of an “assault weapon” and other aspects of the bill.

The Daily Wire reported that Levine failed to get even one fact about guns correct during a previous explanation of his definition of “assault weapon.” During his six-minute explanation earlier, Levine “mimicked what he claimed mass shooters like to use. His body language suggested he was using a fully automatic weapon (he twisted at the hips like he was in some old gangster movie). Levine went on to tell other falsehoods about the constitutionality of the bill and how it would not infringe on anyone’s rights.

Other anti-second amendment bills are still in the pipeline for Virginia, but at least this one is dead.