What happens when a deer is heart shot {VIDEO}

I recently posted about a young boy shooting his first buck with a perfect heart shot. The video shows the deer get hit and run into a watering hole. It then gets out and walks past the camera, bleeding like crazy. This has people calling the video cruel.

A deer dies when a lack of oxygen to the brain, and dropping blood pressure causes hemorrhagic shock. A heart shot stops blood flow to the brain, killing the deer very quickly. When a deer is hit in the heart, it normally hits the lunges causing death to come more quickly.

When a deer is hit in the lunges and heart, blood sprays out of the holes and mouths. It is a graphic scene, but it is the most ethical way to kill the deer. Some people do not like to see how the deer sausage is made, but this is the reality of hunting.

While the video I posted is graphic, it shows the most ethical kill shot you can put on a deer. So here is another perfectly ethical shot for your viewing pleasure.