What It is Like to Be Stung by A “Murder Hornet” {VIDEO}

Unless you live under a rock you have heard of the “Murder Hornets” that have been found in North America for the first time. The hornets are native to Asia and pose a huge risk to our already threatened honeybee.

The hornets are huge measuring three inches in length an pack a might sting. YouTuber Coyote Peterson posted a video back in 2018 detailing what happens when you get stung.

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in one of the most remote stretches of wilderness in all of Japan… and they come across none other than the Japanese GIANT Hornet! This creature injects venom in such a high dosage that it can destroy tissue and attack the nervous system of its victim. Will Coyote be able to stand the pain as he finds out just how nightmarish this hornet’s sting really is?

They are defiantly something you do not want to mess with. So far the hornets have only been found in Washington state and British Columbia. Hopefully we can get a handle on them before they spread further.