What President Trumps 2021 budget means for hunters and conservation

President Trump’s 2021 budget is out and there is a lot in it for hunters and conservationists in general. The Department Of The Interior would receive a 12.8 billion dollar budget in the fiscal year 2021. There is an increase in spending on many conservation and hunting access projects.

$5 billion will be budgeted for land management operations. $86.8 million of that will be spent for visitor services at National Wildlife Refuges including expanded hunting and fishing opportunities. That is an increase of $12.6 million over last year. $10 million will be budgeted for land acquisitions to enable the public to access previously unavailable areas for recreation. This could open up tens of thousands of acres of public land to those of us that hunt!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will receive $116.1 million for wild horse & burro management program, an increase of more than $15 million This will be coupled with a program that would reduce the populations to a responsible management level.

With wildfires becoming a bigger problem in the U.S, this budget includes $1 billion in funding for fire prevention and suppression. There is a $50 million increase that will focus on vegetation management and $123.1 million for timber programs to prevent fires from happening.

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service will receive $1.4 billion. Among the responsibilities of the FWS are enforcing federal wildlife laws; protecting endangered species; managing migratory birds; restoring nationally significant fisheries; conserving and restoring wildlife habitat. It will also fund habitat and conservation programs on public and private land.

Those are the highlights as it applies to the hunting and the outdoor community. There is a lot more in this budget that you may like or dislike, but overall the funding for the hunting community is adequate. I would say overall the 2021 budget is good for hunters and conservationists.