What You Need to Know about the New Gun Bill Being Pushed Through Congress

The election in 2020 brought with it a ton of changes. We have a new president and new members of congress. Unfortunately for gun owners this government is not gun friendly and they have already introduced a bill that if passed would change gun ownership as we know it.

Sheila Jackson Lee the sponsor of the HR 127

HR127 is a bill originating in the House of Representatives that addresses gun registration and banning certain types of ammo. While many rumors are circulating across social media not all of them explore the entire truth of the bill. I have read the entire bill and will leave sections and page numbers of the bill, so you can follow along

The first line of the bill reads. To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit
the possession of certain ammunition.
This is the general premise of the bill put forward by Democrat Ms. Jackson Lee who is serving her 13th term in congress and is considered by her colleges as a “Voice of reason.”

Page 2: Establishes that the attorney general through the ATF will set up a program for licensing firearms and ammunition. It also will set up a program to register all guns present in the United States. Not only will the owner be required to give the make, model, and serial number, but also under section B give notice for anyone to who the firearm is loaned.

The attorney general is required to make a database of all weapons and registration is required within 3 months. This database is then to be public for the entire country to see. You can find this under DATABASE section B.

The bill makes it very hard for an ordinary American to get a gun under the REQUIREMENTS section of the LICENSING section of the bill found on pages 3 and 4. You must be 21, undergo a background check, psychological evaluation, take out an insurance policy, and successfully complete a training course of at least 24 hours of training before you can get a gun.

Section C: MILITARY STYLE WEAPONS (PAGE 6)- All the requirements as listed above and you are required to have at least two members of your family undergo psychological evaluations. They will also interview your former spouse if you have one.

Your ex can determine if you should own a gun

The bill contains a lot of vague language that gives the attorney general discretion over your gun rights. Sections 1 and 2 on page 11 under FIREARM INSURANCE, discusses how to obtain insurance for your guns. Basically, you will pay $800 to the attorney general every year for your right to bear arms.

Finally, we have a bill that attempts to define military-style weapons. They start by listing specific guns that can be found on Pages 12-13.

The bill then gives three categories of guns that are not allowed to have certain attachments. These three categories are semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols. You can see all the attachments that make it a ‘military-style on pages 12-13.


For your entertainment, I will point out that a semi-automatic rifle is considered ‘military-style’ if it has a pistol grip and a bayonet mount.

Now we get to the punishment for violating these laws. While the bill has different penalties for violating different sections, most fines are a minimum of $75,000 and a maximum of $150,000. All but one violation carries jail time. The shortest minimum jail time is 10 years and the maximums are 25 years. This is all spelled out on pages 15 and 16 under the section PENALTIES.

Now we come to ammunition. It shall be illegal to possess ammunition that is 50 Calibur or greater. It also bans all magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Violating these laws will get you a minimum of 10 years in prison and a minimum $50,000 fine.

I have condensed the information in this bill for everyone to understand, but there are links to the actual text of this bill. Remember this bill in the next election cycle.