Whitetail Buck Licks Turkey Hunter’s Shotgun Barrel [VIDEO]

A turkey hunter had quite the experience when an overly friendly pair of deer came up on his set this past week. Usually deer are scared of hunters but these two youngsters were not scared one bit.

According to Fox 57 out of Indianapolis, Leon Champine says he was hunting with his friends, Joe Pople and Corey Cook, when they first bumped into the deer at dawn. He says they stuck around for about ten minutes before walking away.

Hours later the two young deer showed back up as they were trying to call in a turkey. The deer were both around one year old. He attributes their friendliness to several things.

“I believe this is their first season without following mom around to teach them what is dangerous,” explained Champine. “I also believe that they were just simply inquisitive.”

Champine says he and his friends have a combined 50+ years of hunting experience and nothing like this has ever happened to them.

“It was truly a once in a lifetime encounter that I am incredibly fortunate enough to have captured on my phone,” said Champine.

Needless to say if these deer do not wise up by this fall they are sure to have a different result if they decide to walk up on some hunters.

Cook also captured a video of one of the deer actually licking his shotgun barrel.

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