Wild Hogs Go on Bender and Blow Through $22,000 of Cocaine

If you think hiding drugs in the woods is a good idea, you might want to pay attention to this story. A pack of wild pigs discovered a drug cartel stash of Cocaine and they blew through it like a group of drug-fueled rock stars.

According to Insider, a pack of feral hogs found $22,000 worth of cocaine hidden in a forest in Tuscany, Italy. The pigs ripped into the packages scattering the contents everywhere.

The police were able to track down the drug dealers who the cocaine belonged to and made several arrests.

What is not know is how the pigs reacted to the drugs, but knowing how pigs eat and root around I imagine the snort a whole lot of the booger sugar.

Wild pigs can be pretty aggressive. I don’t think I want to meet a coked-up wild boar.

This is not the first story I have heard of wild animals getting into drugs. A black bear in Georgia ingested and overdosed on a whole lot of cocaine. He is now on display in an oddities museum and has been dubbed Pablo Escobear.