Wildlife Photographer Draws Grizzly Tag but Won’t Bring Gun

Tom Mangelsen is a wildlife photographer that drew a Grizzly tag but will not shoot a bear. He is part of the group shoot’em with a camera. This has the anti hunting crowed feeling really good about themselves, but will this actually help them? This small temporary victory may not be everything the anti hunting crowed thinks it is.

Wildlife researchers set bag limits each year based on populations, reproductive success, food supply, and many other factors. As populations increase so do tags. If the wildlife scientist see an increase in populations due to tags not being filled they will start to issue more tags. Money for tags and licenses along with various taxes goes to support state game agencies. If anti hunters start buying tags and licensees, they will actually be contributing to the departments that help to keep hunting alive and well in the USA.

Actions speak louder than words, and money is a loud action. Hunters speak loudly every year to the tune of billions of dollars, and many man hours improving habitat. The anti hunting crowd bought one tag in one state and proclaim victory. Over the last 120 years hunters have worked to create the North American model of conservation. This has lead us to having an over population of animals on our landscape. A far better problem than the near extinctions we were facing in the early 1900s. Do not ever forget who has been truly protecting animals for over a hundred years!

What this means for hunters is more tags for next year, and anti hunters feeling good about there lack of action over the last 120 years. Let them have their small victory and add a small amount of money to the cause. We will be out there next year with more opportunity enjoying the great outdoors we have supported for generations.