You Will Never Guess Where This Elk Was Killed

Who would have thought that a big bull elk would be killed in Illinois?

That is right I said Illinois. This big bull was killed on December 26th, somewhere near Carlinville by Frank Link. He killed the elk with a homemade long bow while he was hunting deer.

Conservation Officers have had reports that there was one wandering around the local area. It is speculated that it escaped from a game farm, but no one is reporting one missing. The IDNR is not speculating where it came from and it seems like they do not care. There is no season for elk in Illinois but they are also not protected. They are legal to harvest as long as they do not have an ear tag or a collar showing that they belong to a game farm.

Frank was able to arrow the brute at 18 yards. He did not have a very good blood trail but was able to follow it across a pasture and over a hill by following the massive tracks. He eventually found his arrow with 15 inches of penetration, more than enough for a fatal shot. It was not too far after that his flashlight came across the bull.

Frank now has a freezer full of meat and a trophy at the taxidermist he could not be happier.

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