A Win For Sportsmen In Wyoming

The Wyoming Senate decided to kill a bill that would seek to amend the Wyoming Constitution. The amendment would seek to force the federal government to transfer land currently managed by the Department of the interior to the state.

Wyoming Senate President Eli Bebout said, “I’ve given a lot of thought to the public lands initiative, and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to not assign that bill (to a committee.) I’m going to kill it. But there’s a lot of moving parts in that. I think the message that a lot of people believe out there… really isn’t what it’s about. I think we’ve lost that message.”

“Starting today, from day one, leadership of the Wyoming Legislature is committed to working with the Trump administration and our congressional delegation to develop a solution that will ensure public lands are managed for multiple use and available to benefit all Wyoming residents.” An individual lawmaker could sponsor a bill urging the state to look at the topic. But Bebout called the issue “done.”

“If I made the decision to not advance those types of bills this session, that’s my decision,” he said. “I could be overridden. That’s the process.”

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