Wisconsin DNR discovers 125-year-old, 7-foot-long sturgeon

The Shawano Sturgeon has lived through a lot — the tail end of reconstruction, the Spanish-American War, World War I, Hitler, The Beatles, Justin Bieber.

Not only has she outlived every human currently on the face of the earth, but she’s still fertile! The Wisconsin DNR discovered the record-setting fish while she was laying more than 30 pounds of eggs in the Wolf River near Shawano on Tuesday.

The Shawano Sturgeon’s tale of the tape — 7’3″ long, 240 pounds, 125 years old. Sounds like a fearsome NBA center, give or take 100 years of age.

[jump] Here’s a photo of proud DNR employees posing with the fish:

The Shawano Sturgeon is by far the largest and oldest ever found in Wisconsin, weighing about 30 pounds more than a sturgeon found in Lake Winnebago a couple years ago.

Said Wisconsin DNR sturgeon biologist Ron Bruch: “I knew they were out there and I thought, ‘We finally got one of these massive, nuclear submarine-type sturgeon.'”