Witches Cast Spells on NRA to Promote Gun Control

Does Satan support gun control? Sure seems like it. Apparently a group of witches based in Washington DC have cast a binding spell against the NRA. It is not very clear what the exact purpose of the spell is but We guess it probably not good.

According to a NRA-ILA article,  Patrick J. Foust made a 14 minute film featuring an armature witch David Salisbury casting a spell on the NAR. Foust said he was inspired to make the film, which he’s dubbed The Binding, after seeing news footage of witches conducting a similar ritual on President Trump shortly after his inauguration.

The Binding’s titular event features Salisbury and seven other witches surrounding a table festooned with, among other things, a cauldron sitting atop a pentacle, as well as “a five-dollar bill painted red — to symbolize blood — and a piece of paper with the huge block letters ‘NRA.’” Salisbury stridently hurls curses at those he characterizes as “merchants of mayhem, profiteers of pain, dealers of death,” who “fatten on the blood of innocents and feast like demons on their corpses!” He continues, “May your thoughts and prayers turn to poison in your mouths.”

Internet research led Foust to Salisbury, who the article describes as “an activist Witch with a social justice bent” living in Washington, D.C. Salisbury claims to use “the Craft to promote social justice and empower marginalized communities.” He explained, “Gun violence in America is something I’ve always felt kind of helpless about,” but “[i]f there is anything I can do at all that’s even remotely effective, that might be magic.”

The NRA is reporting that they so far have been unaffected the spell, and looking for more down to earth solutions to gun violence then the occult.


You can watch the trailer on The Bindings Facebook page.