Wolves Brutaly Slaughter 17 Baby Elk! [VIDEO]

Wolves are portrayed by anti hunters as a majestic animal that only kill to eat.

This is clearly not true. We will never know how often these surplus killings happens, but it occurs far more than wolf lovers want you to know. I would really enjoy hearing and seeing wolves on my western hunts, but they have a down side.

Imagine for a minute a pack of wolves attacking 17 calf’s, while their moms are desperately trying to save them. A wolf leaps and grabs a small calf by the throat and rips its jugular spraying blood all over the snow. As the cow elk watches her calf bleed out the wolf then attacks the cow and rips her open from the anus.

I would imagine anti hunters don’t see wolves in this way. be sure to share this with your friends in order to raise awareness of the importance of hunters keeping this savage predator under control.