Woman Attempts to Break Up Fight Between Her Dog and Mountain Lion!

In Idaho a woman saw her dog fighting with another dog. she ran out to break up the fight. She grabbed her dog and the other dog and separated them. She then realized that the other dog was a mountain lion! She called for her husband, who was inside, and he ran out with a gun. The woman held on to the lion until her husband shot and killed it.

The mountain lion was a Juvenile male that weighed about 35 lbs. A Fish and Game officer came out and retrieved the carcass. The woman and the dog both sustained cuts, but are expected to make a full recovery.

It was a small mountain lion, but who just hangs onto a mountain lion? My first reaction would have been to run away screaming like a little girl. This woman held on like a savage.

Mountain lion attacks are becoming more common in many western states. Last year, there were two fatalities in the United states from mountain lions. There has never been one in the state of Idaho, however; there were 3 incidents of Mountain lions attacking dogs in the month of January.