Woman Banned from Tinder for Hunting Photo

A Vermont woman was given the big swipe left by the dating app Tinder all because she had a picture of her holding a deer in her profile picture.

According to Pittsburgh Action 4, a woman, identified only as Nichole, was banned from Tinder after she tried using it on vacation in San Francisco. She claims it is because of her hunting photos.

“I opened up Tinder — in a few hours I was banned from the platform,” she said.

She was told by Tender that she violated their terms and community standards. But Nichole disagrees.

“I cropped it so there were no weapons, no blood. My family, we are not trophy hunters, we hunt for food. We respect the animal, we respect the outdoors, we eat every part of the deer that we can and only take shots when we feel it’s going to be a good shot and it’s going to take the animal as quickly and painlessly as possible,” said Nichole.

It did not stop with just a Tender ban. Apparently, someone took screenshots of her profile and sent the photos to her employer. It does not sound like her employer did anything, but it just shows the audacity of some people.

Hunters will pretty soon have their own platform to find love. A new hunting dating site is set to launch this spring. Check out the Hunting4connections Facebook page for more information.