Woman Blames Hitting Deer on Bigfoot

A woman spotted a Sasquatch chasing a bunch deer this past week in northern Idaho. She tried to get a second look at the Bigfoot in her rearview mirror. At that time on of the fleeing deer jumped in front of her vehicle. She struck the deer, killing it.

The woman kept driving, picked up her husband from work and drove straight to the sheriff’s office to report the incident. The sheriff’s department found evidence of the hit deer, but no evidence of a Sasquatch.

According to James “Bobo” Fay, the star of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” sasquatches do eat deer, so if they do exist it is possible that one would be seen chasing deer. But he also says they like donuts and hot wings so I am not sure we can place a lot of trust in him.

I do not know what the woman saw, but there is enough claims out there to make me wonder.

Have any of you had a Bigfoot encounter? Let us know in the comments.

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