Woman Fights Rabid Fox with an Ax and Shovel Combo

It seems that there has been a rash of attacks on people by rabid wildlife. This past week a group of golfer used their clubs to defend themselves against a rabid bobcat. Now a New Jersey lady had to use an ax and a shovel to fend off a grey fox.

According to MSN, a woman is recovering after being twice bitten by a rabid grey fox that also attacked her daughter. The daughter tossed an ax at the charging animal before whacking it senseless with a shovel.

The lady went out to her barn to feed her cats when a grey fox attacked her biting her on the leg as she fled back to the house. Her daughter came outside to investigate, and was also charged by the fox .

The daughter had an ax with her and threw it at the fox, but missed. The rabid fox attacked the ax giving the daughter time to grab a shovel and knock the animal senseless.

She flagged down a couple of men in a truck. One of the men dispatched the fox by smothering it with the shovel.

The mother was taken to the hospital for rabies treatment after the foxes results came back positive.