Woman Hits a Catfish While Driving

Of all the strange things that could happen, I think hitting a fish while driving has to be one of the weirdest. So you are driving down the road and all of a sudden your windshield is destroyed by a flying catfish.

That is exactly what happened to Rhesa Walston. She was driving back from her mother’s house when out of nowhere a catfish hit her windshield. She posted the following to her Facebook Page.

Soooo. . . .I hit a catfish on the way home from my mom’s tonight. Thank you to Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow for coming to help me and finding the fish… .because really who would believe me if I didn’t have the fish.

A bird dropped the fish onto my car.

Soooo. . . .I hit a catfish on the way home from my moms tonight. Thank you to Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow for…

Posted by Rhesa Walston on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

That might be one of the craziest things I have ever seen.