Woman Hits Boyfriend with Cooking Pot for Fishing too Much

A Florida woman was arrested for domestic battery after hitting her boyfriend with a cooking pot after he returned from a two-day fishing trip.

According to KWQC Channel 6 News, Katie Lou Gottlich, 25, was arrested Wednesday after investigators say she got into an argument with the father of her seven-month-old baby over the father’s spending time fishing instead of helping raise their child.

The father, the suspect’s boyfriend, told deputies he and Gottlich began to argue at their residence after he had spent “the past couple of days” fishing

During the argument the Katie threw a cooking pot at her boyfriend. It struck him in the head.

Katie denies throwing the pot, but deputies found the pot in the backyard where the incident was alleged to take place.

The 7-month old child the couple had together was not home at the time of the incident.

I know I have made my wife mad a few times when I went hunting or fishing but she has yet to attack me with cookware. hopefully it stays that way.