Woman Seriously Injured by “Humanized” Deer wearing a Collar

Wild animals are just that wild. They should not be taken from their environment and made into pets. That is because they can lose their fear of humans and can become a danger to not only themselves but also other people. A Tennessee woman has sustained serious injuries because someone decided to ignore this advice and make a deer their pet.

According to News Channel 9, a woman from Marysville, Tennessee was attacked and seriously injured by a “humanized” whitetail deer. The woman was picking up her mail when a 4-point buck slammed into her and knocked her to the ground. The deer then began to gore her with its antlers.

In an effort to protect herself she grabbed unto the deer’s front legs. The buck proceeded to drag her around. Three bystanders came to the woman’s aid and were able to chase the deer off.

During the rut, deer can become aggressive

TWRA Officers located the deer and discovered that it was wearing an orange collar and acted “unnaturally humanized.” Obviously it had been kept as a pet and lost all fear of humans.

The deer had to be put down so it would no longer be a danger to humans.

This is an unfortunate example of the consequences that come from habituating and humanizing wild animals. In the case of humanized white-tailed buck deer, TWRA sees several situations where they become aggressive towards humans, oftentimes when rutting activity begins. This same rutting activity is also responsible for the uptick in deer versus vehicle collisions in the fall as deer are more mobile during the breeding season.” – TWRA

So, please let wild animals be wild.