World Record Shiras Moose Killed in Washington

A new SCI world record Shiras Moose was killed in Washington state this past hunting season. Jim Hall was able to put his once in a lifetime tag on the monster bull. He hunted hard for two months and was coming down to the wire.

According to The Spokesman-Review, a friend of Hall’s who scores for the Safari Club recommended he enter the moose into the club’s international ranking.

On April 4, Hall learned that his prize was the world-record Shiras moose. His moose scored 504 7/8 inches and had 242 inches of aggregate tine length.

The reason Hall went with SCI instead of Boone and Crockett was because of how each organization scores tines

“The reason why I scored so well (with the) Safari Club is because they measure the points and Boone and Crockett just counts them,” Hall said.

Hall’s bull while an SCI world Record only ranks 60th in the B&C record book.

Awesome Bull and Congratulations