World’s Most Unlucky Turkey Hunter Gets it done After 12 years

When it comes to turkey hunting I have always had the worst luck. I know I cannot chalk all of it up to bad luck, I made more than my fair share of mistakes. Let us just say I did not have any good luck either. I felt like the good Lord just did not want me to get a turkey. I faithfully put in my time for 12 straight seasons (Not counting the year I was deployed overseas), and had nothing to show for it.

If something could go wrong, trust me it did. I had turkeys come in and hang up just out of range. Others would come into range, but somehow manage to not give me a clear shot. I would decide to move just as a bird was coming in silently behind me and I would scare it into the next county. I made every mistake in the book and sometimes felt like I added a few chapters.

But this morning on the opening day of the 2017 Ohio Turkey season, it finally all came together. We set up in the perfect place, there were gobblers sounding off on all sides of us. We saw 9 turkeys in the first hour. It was shaping up to be just like the last 12 opening days I have hunted but this time luck was on my side.