The Worst Hunting Accident You Will Ever See (Viewer Discretion Advised)


First and foremost, safety should always be your number one priority when in the field.

Unfortunately accidents do happen. Many of us have spent thousands of hours in the woods with no major mishaps, except the occasional missed shot or a pesky briar. not the case for one unlucky hunter and we pray for full and speedy recovery.
The man in this story suffered one of the most painful injuries from a hunting related accident we have ever seen. We will not reveal the name of the hunter for protection of his privacy. The doctors were attempting to save the mobility in his hand and fingers, but the man’s thumb was to be fully amputated.

While muzzleloader hunting in the mountains of Virginia this man was presented with a clean shot a coyote. As most hunters will tell you, “shoot them on sight”. As you can see the shot did not go as planned. The barrel exploded on his Savage 10ML II muzzleloader, and did severe damage to his hand.

Rumors have circulated that the malfunction in the rifle was caused by a double load. Other rumors suggest just a simple barrel failure. The exact cause is unknown but the lesson still stands the same. Always check your equipment before you out. Make sure everything is in order. Be safe in the field that big buck might show up tomorrow.