Worst Squirrel poaching case in history ends with nearly 500 squirrels killed.

Springfield, Missouri: A concerned citizen called the Missouri poacher tip line to report a massive amount of squirrels being shot.

A group of 16 out-of-state hunters was cited for exceeding the limit of squirrels.

Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation says agents found the group after two days of hunting with 471 squirrels harvested.

The regulations say that each hunter can take ten squirrels per day and a total position limit of 20 squirrels. Each squirrel must be separated by each hunter, not in a large pile.

The group had 151 squirrels over the limit.

“It diminishes the opportunity for people who want to squirrel hunt the right way, the legal way,” Skalicky says. “I mean, this was a massive overtaking of squirrels.”

“People who don’t hunt, who maybe don’t quite understand hunting, they see something like this, and they say all hunters are irresponsible,” Skalicky says. “No, they’re not. This is just the minority of hunters that do things the wrong way.”

”Some people may look at this and say it’s just squirrels,” Skalicky says. “Well, squirrels are game animals, and in the Missouri hunting laws there’s no game animals that are less important than other game animals.”

Public Cooperation Leads to Multiple Arrests for Gross Overlimit of Squirrels: Thanks to the observant eye of a concerned citizen, MDC Conservation Agents Brad Hadley and Eric Long were able to make contact with a large group of non-resident squirrel hunters in and around the Current River Conservation Area. The group of 16 had been hunting for two days and harvested 471 squirrels. Missouri regulations allow for the daily harvest of 10 squirrels and a possession limit of two daily limits for a total of no more than 20 squirrels in possession for each person. Missouri regulations also require that all game be separate and identifiable to each hunter. In total the group had harvested 151 squirrels over the allowed possession limit. All were cited for possession of overlimit of squirrels and warnings were issued for failure to keep wildlife separate and identifiable. The 151 squirrels over the limit were taken and are being held as evidence pending court adjudication. If you see a possible violation of the Wildlife Code of Missouri, please contact your local conservation agent or Operation Game Thief at 1-800-392-1111.