What Do WWE Superstars And High Fence Deer Have In Common

Is your trophy buck really a WWE superstar?

When I was a kid the WWF, now called the WWE, was the greatest thing on television. I used to cheer for Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. I watched Wrestle Mania and Royal Rumbles anytime I had the chance. I remember watching a match where Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant. Holy crap! Just being able to move that mountain of a man is impressive, let alone lift him overhead.

As I got older, I realized that professional wrestling is fake. Not to say that these guys are not athletes because they are. You have to be able to perform those moves. But I began to see that the fights were choreographed, the drama was not real, and they knew who was going to win before the matches even started. I realized what it really is – entertainment.

I think it was the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona where I first saw real wrestling. Greco-Roman was on one evening and let me tell you, it is not anything like WWE. It was not flashy, no elaborate costumes, no heart pumping entrance music, or cool nicknames. Olympic wrestling looked boring when compared to the WWE.

But when you watch Olympic Wrestling, you witness something that goes beyond mere entertainment. You see genuine passion. These athletes have trained their entire lives to compete at this level. You can tell that they give everything they have out on that mat. This is what the WWE is missing. The purity of competition is something you cannot fake. This is why the WWE will never be real.

Game farms and shooting preserves face the same issue. You will look at their trophy rooms lined with monster deer. They will show you trail cam pictures of lots of bucks that a hunter could only dream of. Just pay some cash and they will choreograph you the perfect “hunt”, and you will take home the buck of a life time. But can you really call yourself a hunter?

Captive deer farms like this one in Lancaster County have been the source of Chronic Wasting Disease in 13 states, including Pennsylvania.

A true trophy buck cannot be faked. You may wait your entire life, and only get one pull of the trigger on a record book animal. All your years of experience, practice and woodsmanship will come down to one single moment in time. At a game ranch, as long as you have the cash, you can recreate the opportunity over and over again, and if you want to kill a bigger deer all you need to do is open your wallet a little more.

I do not mind if you watch professional wrestling. I will admit it is entertaining. And I do not mind that you go to these places to shoot deer. I am sure it is a great time. Just do not try and convince me that the WWE is real or that you hunted that trophy buck that is on your wall. You may have killed him and harvested his meat, but you did not hunt him.

Kurt Angle is both an Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Champion. And if you ask him which one means the most to him, I would bet money he would say the gold medal, because he had to work for it. It was not written into a script; the match was not choreographed. It was real.