Wyoming Wolf Season Starts In October

For many it has been a long time coming, there will finally be a wolf season in Wyoming. This past summer Wolf populations in Wyoming were taken off the endangered species list. They have been way over recovery goals for years, but due to lawsuits over the state management the wolves remained protected. Now on October 1 st wolf season will be open in Wyoming.

The state’s large carnivore biologist Dan Thompson said the upcoming wolf season will be a lot like the 2012-2013 seasons. He said, “We will use the same data, the same model, the same methodology in order to come up with what we have for hunting quotas.” The hunt area surrounds the national parks, and extends east as far as Cody, and south as far as Pinedale.

Jay Joachim is president of Wyoming Outdoorsmen said, “Hunting is a necessary tool, to help maintain a balance of predator and prey animals.”

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