Yoga Mats for Sterilized Deer!

Over the last couple years we have seen the most nonsensical ideas to control deer overpopulation.

2018 is starting off the year by reaching new levels of stupidity! With a massive amount of hunters not having anywhere to hunt, the state of Michigan decided last year to sterilize 50 deer. They are continuing the program this year by sterilizing another 26 does at a cost of $1,000-$1,200 per deer to tax payers.

Deer are destroying yards and natural habitat in Ann Arbor Michigan. Simply allowing controlled hunts 26 deer could be harvested for local families and bring a profit to the state. With animal rights activist making decisions on animals they know nothing about we end up with some hilarious and frustrating solutions. Due to cold weather the sterilized deer will be placed on yoga mats to stay comfortable until they are ready to get up. I cant help but wounder how our society got to yoga mats and deer sterilization over hunting.

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