Young Girl Arrows World Record Sting Ray

Here is one for all you bowfishing fanatics out there. Can you imagine sticking this beast? I am sure it was the fight of a life time and to find out you got a world record would just be icing on the cake.

Innerloc Bowfishing posted the following to their Facebook Page.

Here is the MONSTER butterfly ray, Camryn shot last night. 85 inches wide, 200.8 pounds. Pending BAA World record and Delaware state record. The Innerloc Dx2 found its mark. The AMS Hooligan sure packs a punch. After a 45 minute battle, we were able to wrestle this beast into the boat. Over 90 pounds of meat was cleaned off the ray, and will feed us for the summer!!! #rulethewater

Camryn Brossman is an amazing little girl. She has her own feature on Innerloc Out There where she talks about gun safety and the great outdoors. She and her Dad just get out there and hunt and enjoy each other as they do it. They are truly something special.

All I can say is congratulations on the fish of a lifetime. Go Checkout Innerloc Bowfishing and give them a like.