You Will Not Believe What This Jerk did to a Young Hunter

Sometimes I wonder are more people jerks today or do we just hear more about them because of social media. Either way it is really sad that some people feel the need to act like complete douche bags. It seems to be that every week another story about  weak minded  individual crosses my desk. This one is exceptionally egregious, because it happened to a young hunter on her first deer.

On the 6th of November 17, Stacy Strother posted in the hunting group The Great Outdoorsmen about an incident that happened on private property.

WE took my 14 year old daughter out for youth hunt yesterday and she sat in her blind for about 3 hrs waiting for a deer. Well at 627pm she spotted her doe. She got her in her sights and took her shot. She was so excited! We watched the doe stumble off and went to go track her. There was no blood trail at all but we continued to search for her for an hr and a half with no luck.
WE got up at 4am this morning due to time change and headed back for the final day of youth hunt for her to try again. Got to our blind in the dark when I noticed something laying next to our blind. She said mom that’s my deer so I assumed coyote had drug her there so I told my daughter to get in the blind quick just in case. She went into the stand and handed me a note that was on her chair.(see attached pics)!!!! Fyi this man has been stalking us on private property during our hunts and was reported to afgc over a month ago.

So if everyone would call and let him know what a pos he is my daughter would be thankful


What kind of person does this? I can not imagine doing this to anyone let alone a kid. I honestly believe that this jerk is the exception, most hunters are honest respectful individuals that would have gladly helped this young girl find her deer and then celebrate her accomplishment.

I know some people are going to say they should have looked for it longer or gotten some help tracking the deer. Sure they could have done that, but it does not excuse this jerk from doing what he did.

On the bright side an Arkansas hunting group has stepped up and decided to try and show this young hunter what real hunters are all about. The group set up a gofund me page to give this girl a hunt of a life time.

Our group “Grays Arkansas Hunting And Outdoors” is trying to help this young lady go on a guided elk hunt. I spoke with her mother and decided to do this to show that not all hunters are bad people and to get back in the woods and stay positive! This is what caused me to get this hunt together.

If you would like to help this young hunter out click the link above and donate a few bucks. If you are an outfitter and want get involved there is contact information for Joshua Gray on the page as well.