California Announces Winner Of Youth Hunter Essay Contest

Tyler Benedetti, a 17-year- old youth hunter from Morgan Hill, won the “Passing on the Tradition” Hunting Heritage essay contest. The contest is an annual event sponsored by The California

Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the Wildlife Officer Foundation. Tyler’s Essay was about him and his dad going turkey hunting. He showed the progression of just tagging along with his father to becoming a hunter himself. I invite every hunter to read his essay HERE

“Tyler’s essay stood out because it tells the story of not only his own development as a hunter, but his father’s as well,” said CDFW Lt. John Nores. “The simple act of trading his own gun for a camera says so much about what’s most important to him. That’s what hunting heritage is all about — passing on the tradition and the love of the sport to the next generation.”

Passing on our hunting heritage to the next generation is so important to our sport. I would encourage every hunter to introduce another person to hunting. It may be the most rewarding thing you do all season.

For the complete press release from the CDFW click HERE